The Dizzy Brains and Ko Ko Mo live in HBC!

Anyone paying attention to the buzz at Zandari Festa this past weekend should already know the names The Dizzy Brains and Ko Ko Mo. And luckily for music lovers in Seoul, there’s one more chance to see them before they leave Korea as the bands are teaming up for a bill at Thunderhorse Tavern tonight (October 5).

Musicians and fest-goers alike have been talking nonstop about both acts since their first Zandari performances. And trust me, the praise is well warranted. Hailing from Madagascar, The Dizzy Brains lit the stage on fire during each of their three sets at the festival. France’s Ko Ko Mo were equally entertaining, giving the roaring crowd a bit of retro flair mixed with raw talent and seemingly limitless energy.

I caught up with  Ko Ko Mo to chat about what their Korean tour has been like thus far, and why everyone should head to the Itaewon area to see them tonight. When asked about the highlight of their Korean tour so far, guitarist and vocalist Warren Mutton said, “As of right now, it has been the French Spirit Night because the crowd was really happy  and crazy as well!”


The passion that Mutton brings to the stage as well as his far-reaching vocals definitely left the crowd in awe during Ko Ko Mo’s Zandari gigs. And the special French showcase was a brilliant example of what they feed into each performance. Because of their impressive stage presence, I wondered how the duo felt about the reactions of Zandari audiences.

“We hope our music helped bring everyone together and made them feel united,” says drummer K20. “We also hoped they felt the energy and the rock ‘n’ roll vibe we were trying to give them.”

Finally, I wanted to know what new fans should expect from Ko Ko Mo in general as well as what everyone should look forward to at Thunderhorse tonight.

“Fans should know that we are so happy to be here in Korea, and that we love these awesome audiences,” said Mutton. “And in addition to coming to see us tonight, they should check out our first album when it is released in February!”

Ko Ko Mo and The Dizzy Brains play tonight at Thunderhorse Tavern.  The show starts at 8 pm and 57 is the opener.  Tickets are only 10,000 won.  Below are the set times for the concert, and for more information please check out the Facebook event page here.

8:00 pm 57
8:45 pm Ko Ko Mo
9:45 pm The Dizzy Brains


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