Zandari Festa 2017 – Five Questions with Eyre Llew

The sixth annual Zandari Festa will be taking place in Hongdae from September 29 –
October 1 with 140 international and domestic acts. To spotlight some of the event’s performers, Korea Gig Guide is asking a bunch of acts five simple questions

For the next installment, we’re talking with Jack Clark, pianist and drummer for Eyre Llew from the UK. Now let’s get to their answers!

Why are you excited to be performing at Zandari Festa 2017?

This is our first time performing outside of the UK and Europe so we’re excited about experiencing Korea’s music culture. We’re grateful to play a festival like Zandari where people love and appreciate great music.

What can people expect from a Eyre Llew live show?

We combine a mix of emotional drones/swells with sudden explosions and heavy guitars. One member plays drums and piano simultaneously and another member plays violin bow on his guitar, which creates an atmospheric back drop that creates a really unique experience.

For fest-goers not familiar with Eyre Llew yet, what should they know about you?

We’ve been a band for three years and have been working on our first ever album over the last two years which is coming out on the 19th October. We like to make emotional and atmospheric pieces of music and are hoping to score for film in the near future. Right now we’re just touring as much as possible, and will do a UK/EU tour in November and December.

Aside from performing, what else would you like to do during Zandari Festa 2017?

Experience Korea’s music culture as much as possible as we’ve all never been to Korea or this far east. Eat some food and meet some great people.

If Eyre Llew was a cocktail, what would it be and why?

I don’t know much about Korean cocktails but I know of soju. Here we drink a lot of wine, so let’s go with that. We’re like a fine bottle of wine with a wonderful flavour to it.

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