Korea Gig Guide was started to help people keep track of the concerts going on in Seoul and around Korea more easily — it failed.

Wait, no, that was Babylon 5. Sorry.

But for nearly a decade, the Korea Gig Guide was a way to learn about Korea’s indie music scene (not to mention jazz, classical, and other stuff).

The site was for many years run by Shawn Despres, who arrived in Seoul in December 2007 and quickly became enamored with the local music scene. Despite having left Korea, he is still involved in the local scene, and hosts the weekly show Sounds from the Korean Underground on CFMU. Jon Dunbar, whose photography can be viewed at Daehanmindecline.com, posted about Korean punk, hardcore, ska, and reggae. Dain, Tom and other contributors also wrote and updated the calendar, helping to make this site what it was. 

Mark Russell founded Korea Gig Guide in 2008. He’s been a fan of Korean music (old and new) since the 1990s, and spent years working as a journalist in Korea.

If you would like to contact Korea Gig Guide, please use koreagigguide at gmail.com. I should still be checking out that email, at least from time to time. And, of course, there’s always the Korea Gig Guide Facebook page.