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Keep on gigging…

So, if you’ve checked out KGG over the past few months, you’ve probably noticed that not a lot has been posted at the calendar. And sadly I don’t see that changing in the near future.

What can I say? Things change. Shawn left Korea a couple of years ago. I have a family now, so don’t really have much time for going to concerts.

But, even more importantly, there’s no longer the same need for a concert-listing website. When I started the Korea Gig Guide in 2008, it was an unbelievable pain-in-the-butt to find shows in Korea. Most bands did not have their own websites and Facebook wasn’t in much use in Korea. Bands and clubs often did have Daum cafes or Cyworld pages, but all-too-often they were badly maintained or behind a security wall. There weren’t many websites – in English or Korean – where people could learn about the groups and the indie scene.

Today, there are many options. Almost all the groups and clubs are on Facebook. There are multiple concert listing websites in English, and plenty of English-language materials about the scene. There just is not the same need that were was when I started, nearly a decade ago.

We might post the occasional story here, and the KGG Facebook page is still going strong. But for the most part, the Korea Gig Guide is going dormant. If you were a reader of KGG, thanks a lot for checking us out and helping local artists. Keep supporting good music. Cheers!


Okay, so I’ve been wanting to update the look of the Korea Gig Guide for a while. However, I found it strangely difficult to find a look that I liked and that functioned properly with the calendar, sidebar, etc.

And this is the template I chose. What do you all think? Does this look right on your computer? (or phone or tablet, or whatever you use to read the KGG).

Stupid WordPress…

Hi all.

So, do any WordPress-savvy readers out there know why the right column of the Gig Guide is suddenly appearing below the main column? (Or at least it is on my computer, in Chrome and Firefox).

I don’t see any code in the columns that should be screwing up the alignment… but maybe I’m overlooking something incredibly obvious.

UPDATE: Hey, after a bit of fiddling, things seem to be working again. Huzzah.