Rux, Love X Stereo, and The Greatest Voyage at Shake Shop Vol. 11

Shake Shop, the monthly show presented by Korea Gig Guide and Hapjeong’s Dream Dance Studio, is starting off 2014 with a great bill that will have Rux, Love X Stereo, and The Greatest Voyage all collaborating with bellydancers Eshe and Navah on Friday (January 24) at Club Freebird in Hongdae.

Rux Band

One of the most respected and influential acts in Seoul’s punk scene, Rux have been a band that Shake Shop creator Eshe has wanted to work with since the concert series’ February 2013 inception.  This month she finally gets her wish as the quartet will close out Shake Shop on Friday night.  The performance will be their first show since guitarist Lee Hyun-hee was seriously injured in a workplace accident in November.

“Hyun-hee works in the kitchen at a Japanese okonomiyaki restaurant,” says vocalist Won Jong-hee.  “One of his co-workers accidentally dropped a canister of butane gas into a big deep fryer and the hot oil from the fryer exploded all over the kitchen.  Luckily, no one was killed.  However, three people in the kitchen got burned very badly.   Hyun-hee had to stay in the hospital for a month because of his burns.  He’s still recovering from the burns on his legs, but he’s strong enough to play gigs again.”

It has been over two-and-a-half years since the group issued their “5000 Years of Hallucinations” EP and nearly five years since they put out their 2009 “The Eternal Kids” full-length effort.  Rux fans who have eagerly been waiting for new music will be happy to know that the group are in the midst of recording a new album and hope to have it out in early summer.

Friday night will be Rux’s first time to work with bellydancers.  Won says the band are not exactly sure how the collaboration will turn out but are looking forward to seeing how things develop.

“It’s going to be a very interesting night,” says Won.  “I still can’t picture what it’s going to be like it.  But I guess it’s going to be a pretty cool sight.  As long as we enjoy Eshe’s and Navah’s dancing, and the audience enjoys our music, I’m pretty sure everyone will have a lot of fun.”

Love X Stereo

Fast-rising Love X Stereo embarked on their first North American tour last autumn in support of their “Glow” EP to play at the renowned CMJ Music Marathon in New York.  The electro-rock act will be returning stateside in March for another tour.  This time around they will hit the road with Glen Check and Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio as part of Seoulsonic and their itinerary will include a stop at Austin, Texas’ massive South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival.

“Our tour in the fall was so cool,” gushes vocalist and synthesizer player Annie Ko.  “It definitely exceeded our expectations.   The fans everywhere we went were really supportive.  It was amazing to meet so many people who were interested in our music.  And the sound quality everywhere we went was really good.  No matter how small or narrow a venue was, the sound guys knew what they were doing and made us sound great.  We were impressed.  We were very pleased with the tour and can’t wait to go back to the US this spring.”

Love X Stereo previously performed at Shake Shop last May.  They really enjoyed themselves at the gig and gladly accepted the invitation to appear at this month’s event.

“We were on cloud nine during that show,” says Ko.  “Lots of beautiful ladies danced in front of us while we played.  It was pretty awesome to see.  And it’s pretty unique, isn’t it?  Most bands or musicians have backup dancers, not ‘front up’ dancers.  So in that way, we could also enjoy the show as an ‘audience.’  It was a really rare experience for us, which is why we we’re thrilled to play Shake Shop again.”

The Greatest Voyage

The Greatest Voyage is fronted by No. 1 Korean’s vocalist Kwon Milk.  Kwon Milk originally planned to do some solo music as a side project from his main gig in the ska group No. 1 Korean.  He released an excellent album under his own name in May 2010 called “The Greatest Voyage.”  While gigging in support of that album with backing players, The Greatest Voyage became a proper band.

The act play really cool folk and rock compositions that are accented with bits of blues and country.  As The Greatest Voyage, they’ve released an EP (2011’s “The Commuter Blues”) and a handful of singles.  They are currently working on The Greatest Voyage’s debut full-length offering.

“We’re planning to release our first album as The Greatest Voyage this year,” shares Kwon Milk.  “We’ve got around 30 songs right now and we’re deciding which direction we want to take with the album and what tracks to use.  I think it may have a bit more of a rock feel than our previous work.”

Like Rux and Love X Stereo, The Greatest Voyage are happy to be teaming up with bellydancers Eshe and Navah for this weekend’s Shake Shop.

“We’re really excited for the Shake Shop show,” says Kwon Milk.  “We want to see how our music crosses boundaries and what new areas it can go to.”

Shake Shop Vol. 11 takes place on Friday, January 24 at Club Freebird. The show starts at 8:30 pm and the cover charge is 15,000 won with one free drink. Eshe and Navah will perform alongside Rux, Love X Stereo, and The Greatest Voyage.  For more information, check out the show’s Facebook event page here.

Here are the estimated set times for Friday’s show:
8:30 The Greatest Voyage
9:15 Navah
9:40 Love X Stereo
10:15 Rux

Shake Shop 11 Poster

Loud Aid Vol. 2: Good Music and a Good Cause

This Saturday (January 25), the second annual Loud Aid concert will take place at Prism Live Hall in Hongdae. Organized by GMC Records bossman (and Today X Spot vocalist) Hyunggun “Ssako” Kim and 13 Steps vocalist (and Jambinai/No Excuse bassist) Dokyo Kim, the concert will see nine rock, punk, and hardcore acts playing between 6 pm and 10:30 pm for the very low price of 5,000 won plus a canned good.

Ssako explains the reasoning behind doing a joint concert and canned food drive.

“We still believe that hardcore is decided by people’s lifestyle – not by music,” he says. “So we wanted to share the ideas behind this positive lifestyle with all people. So we planned Loud Aid last January to collect food for those in need. The show went really well, so we wanted to do it again this year.”

The pair had initially decided to donate the food from this weekend’s concert to the Korail labor union, but now that their strike is over they are considering other options. The canned goods from last year’s drive were sent to the Catholic Human Rights Committee. And Ssako says they may give the food to that organization again.

Saturday night’s concert features some great local music including Juck Juck Grunzie, The Strikers, 13 Steps, Hollow Jan, Ninesin, Things We Say, Something Fierce, and We Hate JH. Also appearing will be hardcore act Fight It Out from Yokohama, Japan who are flying over specifically to play at the show. Emo band We Hate JH are the most recent signing to GMC Records. Their new “Officially, We Hate JH” album will be released by the label on January 28. But fans will be able to buy the disc before it hits stores at Loud Aid 2.

“There were no specific guidelines for the bands we wanted to play at Loud Aid Vol. 2,” says Ssako. “We just chose bands that can make f#cking loud music. Usually people in Korea just think heavy music only pertains to one style of music. But we wanted to show people that there is awesome heavy and loud music in lots of different genres.”

Loud Aid Vol. 2 should be a really fun night, so definitely try to stop by the show on January 25 if you can. And while the cover charge is 5,000 won with one canned good, feel free to bring a few more food items along to donate if you can afford to do so.

Loud Aid Vol. 2 takes place on Saturday, January 25 at Prism Live Hall. The show starts at 6 pm, and entry is 5,000 won with a canned good. 13 Steps, We Hate JH, Ninesin, Juck Juck Grunzie, The Strikers, Hollow Jan, Things We Say, Something Fierce, and Fight It Out will all perform. For more information, check out the Facebook event page for Loud Aid here.

Here are the set times for Loud Aid 2014:

6:00 – 6:30 Juck Juck Grunzie
6:30 – 7:00 We Hate JH
7:00 – 7:30 Something Fierce
7:30 – 8:00 Ninesin
8:00 – 8:30 Fight It Out
20:30 – 21:00 13 Steps
21:30 – 21:30 The Strikers
21:30 – 22:00 Hollow Jan
22:00 – 22:30 Things We Say

Loud Aid

Vassline Showcase New Album and Musical Diversity at Battle of the Silence

Vassline will be holding their second album release party for their “Black Silence” disc on Saturday, January 18 at Prism Live Hall in Hongdae.

Vassline Band Photo

Released in September on GMC Records, “Black Silence” is Vassline’s long-awaited follow-up to 2007’s “Permanence.”  The Seoul metalcore act initially intended to put out “Black Silence” in the fall of 2012.  But with things moving at a much slower pace than planned, the quintet eventually adopted an “It’ll be out when it’s done.” mentality.

“We started recording in early April 2012, and we thought we could finish the recording process in about three months,” shares guitarist Cho Min-young (aka Chainsaw Cho).  “And since it had never taken us more than six weeks to finish post-production stuff before, we figured we could have the album out that autumn.  But when we were recording, we fell way behind schedule.  Our own self standards are a lot higher now, so we put way more energy and effort into ‘Black Silence’ than we have for any of our past albums.  We were trying to be more professional, perfect, and precise.

“Also, we’re all way busier than we were six or seven years ago.  A few members are married and have kids.  And our day jobs have become more demanding too.  Balancing work, family, and band commitments also made it more challenging to get things done on the album quickly.”

Vassline Black Silence Cover

Fortunately, the loud and heavy “Black Silence” has proved to be worth the wait.  A powerful listen from start to finish, the record was chosen by Hellokpop as last year’s “Best Rock and Alternative Album.”  Boasting fourteen tracks, Jambinai and members of Hollow Jan, Pia, Ninesin, and To My Last Breath make guest appearances on several of the cuts adding some different flavors to Vassline’s fantastic sonic offering.

“With (2007’s) ‘Permanence’ we wanted to make an album that was more professional and better produced than our first two albums,” says Cho.  “Our second album, (2004’s) ‘Blood of Immortality,’ won the 2005 Korean Music Award for ‘Best Rock Album.’  And we felt a lot of pressure to make a better album than our prize-winning album.  At the time, we may have said that we didn’t care that much about making something better, but honestly, we did.

“But with ‘Black Silence,’ we became free from all the pressure and expectations.  We approached the album like we approached our very first record.  Because a large gap of time had passed since ‘Permanence,’ we thought we could bring a different kind of structure and character to our music.

“I think we did a really good job on ‘Black Silence.’  I think the overall sound is more organized and refined than it has been on past albums.  Our recording and mixing engineer took so damn long time to mix it down, but he did a really great job so we can’t complain!   I really like how the vocal recordings for the main and the backing vocals came out as well.  Our vocalist (Shin Woo-seok) experiments with different styles a lot during practices and shows, but he tends to stick to one style when it comes to actually recording. So the backing vocals need to give more layers and colors to the sound. I think the balance between the main vocals and the backing vocals came out much better on ‘Black Silence’ than on our previous records.”

Saturday night’s show is part of Vassline’s “Battle of the Silence” concert series, which is meant to promote the release of “Black Silence.”  The first Battle of the Silence took place in December.  And there will be four or five more shows held under the moniker this year.  With the Battle of the Silence shows, Vassline are looking to present bills that mix hardcore acts with bands from other genres.  December’s Battle of the Silence included punk bands No Brain and Lazybone, and this weekend’s gig will feature blues rock band Lowdown 30 and the soulful, retro-flavored pop rock of Goonam.

“The main idea is to bring out some of the best bands from other scenes and mix them with our music,” says Cho.  “As the Korean underground music scene has grown, its bands have gotten separated by categories or genre and it’s getting harder to see other bands grouped together from different genres.  We’ve been around more than 17 years now and we have lots of friends in many different scenes, so we wanted to invite them and let the bands and fans experience the different vibes that other music styles have.”

According to Cho, with future Battle of the Silence gigs, Vassline wants to continue to create lineups that are as diverse as possible.

“We’ll even invite idol dance music groups to perform if we can,” he says.  “But I’m guessing that won’t happen because we don’t have any friends in that scene.  Well, not yet, at least!”

Vassline’s second Battle of the Silence show takes place on Saturday night at Prism Live Hall in Hongdae.  The show starts at 6 pm and tickets are 20,000 won at the door.  Vassline, Lowdown 30, Knockdown, and Goonam will play.  For more information, check out the Facebook event page here.

Vassline Poster

Change of Venue and Discount for Phoenix’s Seoul Gig

Phoenix’s Thursday, January 23 concert has been moved from Olympic Hall to Uniqlo AX.  The concert starts at 8 pm and the fantastic Seoul electronic band Idiotape will open the show.

Phoenix Photo

Tickets for the gig are 121,00 won.  However, if you buy a ticket before Monday, January 20 at 5 pm, you can score yourself a 30% discount making the entrance fee 84,700 won.

To get the discount, you have to buy a ticket in advance by transferring money to VU Ent’s bank account (Bank Name : Woori Bank / Account No : 1005-802-107643 / Account Holder : VU Ent).  For more information, email vu.michelleh AT or call 070-4010-7874.

Phoenix are currently touring in support of their 2013 “Bankrupt!” album.  Last year saw the acclaimed French quartet performing at renowned fests such as Glastonbury, Coachella, and Lollapalooza.  In 2010, the act won the Grammy Award for “Best Alternative Music Album” for their 2009 “Wolfgang Amadeus” disc.


KGG Staff 2013 Live Faves

Here are the live performances from Korea (and other countries around the world) that Korea Gig Guide’s staff (Shawn, Mark, Jon, and Dain) enjoyed the most in 2013.  We hope to see all of you at lots of concerts throughout 2014!

And if anyone is interested, our 2012 lists of top shows can be checked out here.

A reunited Jurassic 5 at Japan's Fuji Rock Festival (photo by Keiko Hirakawa/Fujirock Express '13

A reunited Jurassic 5 at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival (photo by Keiko Hirakawa/Fujirock Express ’13

Shawn Despres
1. Jurrasic 5 @ Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) on July 27 (live photos here)

2. Jambinai @ Veloso on October 12

3. Bo Ningen @ Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) on July 28 (live photos here)

4. Dirty Projectors @ V-Hall on January 27

5. Goonam @ Yales Café Bar (Wrexham, Wales) on April 27 (live video here)

6. Hellivision @ Prism Live Hall on November 3

7. Galaxy Express @ Studio 2 (Liverpool, England) on May 3

8. Shugo Tokumaru @ Sangsang Madang on March 24

9. Mojo Project Sound System with Eshe @ Freebird on November 29 (live video here)

10. Bulssazo @ Sangsang Madang on March 30

Japandroids at Citybreak

Japandroids at Citybreak

Mark Russell
(shows listed by date)

Holly Odell and Damned Hillbillies @ VIPs (in Barcelona, Spain) on Jan. 18

Japandroids @ Citybreak on Aug. 18

Vidulgi Ooyoo @ Badabie on Nov. 2

Genius @ Strange Fruit on Nov. 9

Daikaiju at Double A Studio. Photo by Jon Dunbar.

Daikaiju at Double A Studio (photo by Jon Dunbar)

Jon Dunbar
1. Slackers @ Pawn Shop (Edmonton, Canada) on June 15 and 16  (live photos here)

2. Kingston Rudieska @ Prism Live Hall on December 29 (live photos here)

3. Autocratics @ Prism Live Hall on February 9 (live photos here)

4. Heimlich County Gun Club @ Hongdae Playground on May 25 (live photos here)

5. Daikaiju @ Double A Studio on August 4 (live photos here)

6. Yuppie Killer @ Club Spot on October 26 (live photos here)

7. Dr Ring Ding and friends @ Club Ta on August 3 (live photos here)

8. Funkafric & Boostdah @ Blue Star on April 5 (live photos here)

9. Oki Band @ Kuchu Camp on September 7 (live photos here)

10. Epaksa and the Mimi Sisters @ Sangsang Madang (Label Market) on January 19 (live photos here)

Metallica at Citybreak

Metallica at Citybreak

Dain Leathe​m
1. Metallica @ Citybreak on August 18

2. The XX @ Ansan Valley Rock Festival on July 26

3. Japandroids @ V-hall on February 14

4. Galaxy Express @ Rolling Hall on January 20

5. The Killers @ Olympic Hall on October 5

6. Placebo @ Jisan World Rock Festival on August 3

7. Supreme Team @ Green Plugged on May 17

8. One Drop East @ Club Ta on May 17

9. Shut Da Mouth with Pinnacle the Hustler @ Jisan World Rock Festival on August 3

10. WhoWho and Glen Check @ Club FF on July 13

Gogol Records Label Party Tonight at Club FF

Gogol Records are holding their first label concert tonight (December 13) at Club FF in Hongdae.  Formed last spring by Apollo 18, this year the Seoul indie imprint released Romantiqua’s eponymous EP, Modsdive’s “The Stasis of Humanity,” and Juck Juck Grunzie’s “Psycho.”

Gogl Records Logo

“All of the musicians on our label are familiar with each other, but many of them don’t know each other well,” says Apollo 18’s Choi Hyun-seok.  “So I wanted to bring everyone together to hang out and have a party.  I hope to create a strong family vibe among all of the Gogol Records acts.”


In addition to the bands listed above, Gogol Records’ roster also includes Yang Chang-keun and National Pigeon Unity.  The former guitarist for The Magicians, Yang will release his solo debut on January 21 through Gogol.  The 10-track offering was produced by Apollo 18’s Kim Dae-inn.  National Pigeon Unity are still completing their military service but plan to start working on an album in spring.

“I first saw Chang-keun play three years ago,” says Choi.  “I thought his singing and playing were really good, and I said I wanted to work together with him in the future. 

“We’ve been friends with National Pigeon Unity for a long time.  They will be finished their army stuff in March.  They have been working on new music during their vacations from the army.  I think they will put out a new album on Gogol in maybe May or June.”

National Pigeon Unity were unable to get time off from the army to join tonight’s bill at Club FF, but all of the other Gogol Records acts will perform.  Apollo 18 (who are currently signed to 9 ENT) and Hollow Jan will both play at the show as well.

Next week, Gogol Records will also be opening a small record shop in Hongdae.  Located near Sangsu Station, the shop will be above Reggae Chicken and right next door to Shim, the tattoo space owned and operated by Romantiqua bassist Griffin Shim.  The shop will be open Monday through Saturday from noon until 11 pm.

Gogol Records Shop

The Gogol Records shop will stock releases from all of the label’s acts and Apollo 18 albums and merchandise too.  Choi plans to also eventually sell discs from some of the overseas bands Apollo 18 have become pals with while touring abroad.  Music videos and live clips from all of the bands with material in the shop will be screened on one of the space’s walls and there will also be listening posts for folks to check out any albums they are interested in.  Choi would like to hold some acoustic performances at the venue as well.

Juck Juck Grunzie (performance starts from 47-second mark):

For 2014, Choi hopes to have the label’s acts playing bigger events in Korea and doing some gigs abroad.  This year Modsdive and Romantiqua appeared at the Ansan Valley Rock Festival and Juck Juck Grunzie played at City Break.  Juck Juck Grunzie and Romantiqua both also performed in Taiwan as well.  Juck Juck Grunzie were there in April for Spring Scream, and Romantiqua flew over in September for Beastie Rock Festival.


Gogol Records’ label concert takes place on Friday, December 13 and will include performances from Apollo 18, Hollow Jan, Juck Juck Grunzie, Modsdive, Romantiqua, and Yang Chang-keun.  The show starts at 8 pm and tickets are 15,000 won.  Here are the set times for tonight’s concert:

8:00 – 8:20 Yang Chang-keun
8:30 – 8:50 Romantiqua
9:00 – 9:30 Modsdive
9:40 – 10:10 Juck Juck Grunzie
10:20 – 11:00 Hollow Jan
11:10 – 11:40 Apollo 18

Gogol Records Concert

Back For More: !!! Play Their Second Korean Gig of 2013 this Weekend in Seoul

Dance-punk band !!! will be playing at the newly opened MUV Hall (formerly known as Mansion) in Hongdae on Sunday, December 1.

Chk Chk Chk's Nic Offer making new friends at Pentaport.

!!!’s Nic Offer making new friends at Pentaport.

Renowned for their high-energy, party-like concerts, the American group were last in Korea in August for an appearance at the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival.  It was their second time to play the event, and front man Nic Offer says the group had a blast both on and off stage.

“That was a really fun show,” says Offer.  “I especially liked jumping in the pool afterward.  I wish there was a pool to jump in after every show I play.  I also went to a bath house and jumped in a lake in Incheon.  I was wet a lot while I was in Korea.”

Chk Chk Chk Album Cover

!!! are touring in support of their fifth full-length, “Thr!!!er.”  Released in April through Warp, the album was mostly written in 2011 and the bulk of its recording was done in 2012.  According to Offer, most of the recording took place in Texas, but the group also spent time in studios in New York, London, Sacramento, and Santiago, Chile while working on the nine-track album.  All Music Guide gave “Thr!!!er” a 4.5/5 rating saying, “… it one of the best modern dance punk records to date, right up there with LCD Soundsystem’s best.”

“It’s the record I’m most proud of,” says Offer.  “Making records is fun, and I always enjoy being in the studio with the guys.  I think we learned a lot about how to write songs on (2010’s) ‘Strange Weather, Isn’t It?’ and on ‘Thr!!!er’ we got better at it.”

Those who caught the act at Pentaport in 2011 or this past summer know how much fun !!! are in concert.  Constantly on the move, Offer is like a cool-as-f#ck aerobics instructor who is determined to get every single person in attendance moving to the band’s infectious, funky tunes.  For those going to Sunday’s gig at MUV Hall, Offer has two promises for you.

“It will be the best live show you can see and I’ll be wearing shorts.”

The band plan to start writing and recording their next full-length in the new year.  With Korea getting a double dose of !!! in 2013, is there any chance we’ll see them here again in 2014?

“Sure,” says Offer. “If I have a Saturday free next year, I’ll pencil it in.”

!!! play on December 1 at MUV Hall in Hongdae.  The concert starts at 7 pm and tickets are 69,000 won in advance and 77,000 won at the door. Gogo Star and Victim Mentality will open the show.  Advanced tickets can be purchased in English here and in Korean here.

Chk Chk Chk Seoul Poster

Shake Shop Vol. 10 To Feature Hollow Jan, My Way Killing, and Mojo Project Sound System Tonight at Club Freebird

Since February, Korea Gig Guide has been co-presenting the Shake Shop concert series with Dream Dance Studio (which recently moved to a new location near Hapjeong Station).  Dream Dance Studio specializes in bellydance lessons, so the idea behind the event is to mix bellydance with local indie music.  Shake Shop Vol. 10 will take place tonight (Friday, November 29) at Club Freebird in Hongdae and will have Hollow Jan, My Way Killing, and the newly formed Mojo Project Sound System doing live collaborations with Dream Dance Studio director Eshe and her Navah troupePast versions of Shake Shop have started at 11 pm, but tonight’s gig will start at 8:30 pm.

Hollow Jan

Screamo/post-rock hybrid act Hollow Jan were one of the first Korean bands to be announced for next year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin, Texas.  They were also pegged by popular music rag Spin as one of the “See These” acts from SXSW’s initial lineup announcement.

“We couldn’t believe that we were invited to SXSW!” says bassist Jung Dong-jin.  “We want to let the world know about our music scene, and we’re grateful for any opportunity that will let us do that.”

It’s been seven years since Hollow Jan released their excellent “Rough Draft in Progress” album.  The sextet are nearly finished work on the disc’s follow up, which is titled “Days Off.”  The seven-song effort should finally surface sometime in the next few months.

Although unfamiliar with bellydancing, the group were intrigued by the idea of pairing up with Eshe and Navah and are quite curious about how things will turn out.

“This is our first time doing a performance like this, and trying new and experimental things always makes us excited,” Jung says.  “To be honest, we never thought bellydance would work well with music like ours.  But the challenge of mixing different art forms always makes for interesting results.  I think this is going to give people a different perspective on our music and their performances.”

My Way Killing Photo

My Way Killing is comprised of guitarist Gregor McGhee, bassist Nahm Sang-ah (3rd Line Butterfly), and drummer Son Kyung-ho (ex-The Moonshiners).  The band came together in early August and played their first show shortly after that.

“Sang-ah, Kyung-ho and I thought for years about making some music together, but it never went any further than drunken talks on what kind of music we would like to play,” says McGhee.  “So one morning I just woke up and said to Sang-ah, ‘Okay, enough is enough.  Let’s do this.’  I called Kyung-ho to check his schedule and then called up Strange Fruit and asked them to book a gig for us sometime in the next two weeks.”

“I always wanted to try something different from 3rd Line Butterfly,” adds Nahm.  “Funk is something I’ve never tried before.  And Gregor definitely has funk in him.  I’ve worked with Kyung-ho before and I loved playing with him.  He has a great drum tone and touch.  Also, in this band I get to play bass, which is a lot of fun!”

The trio’s noisy cuts easily fall into a number of different genres making it tough to pigeonhole their sound.  Thankfully McGhee already has an apt comparison to help describe My Way Killing to folks.

“I often say punk funk but that’s kind of a shortcut really,” he says.  “With music, I think the melody is central, and I like riffs, and something to dance to.  But our band is young, so right now we play fast and we play loud – think Sonic Youth meets Prince.”

My Way Killing plan to release some before next summer and are now thinking about  concepts and songs for the recording.  They are also talking about doing some live dates in Europe at some point during 2014.

As for right tonight’s Shake Shop concert, both McGhee and Nahm are very much looking forward to working with Eshe and the shimmying sirens in Navah.

“I’m very curious to see how the dancers will interpret the songs we do,” says Nahm.  “I believe if something has any sort of beat at all, you can dance to it.  And I also believe that different genres and art forms are meant to be mixed.”

“Any opportunity to show our music under a different light is welcome,” says McGhee.  “I’m really anticipating the show and am wondering what will happen.  I watched some of Eshe and Navah’s performances with other bands and they were great.  I’m sure those ladies can dance to anything ranging from absolute silence to white noise.”

Mojo Project Sound System

Mojo Project Sound System will make their live debut at Shake Shop Vol. 10.  The trio features guitarist Choi Hyun-seok (Apollo 18), bassist Seo Ho-sung (ex-The Plastic Day, ex- Momguamaum), and drummer Kim Yun-beom (ex-The Plastic Day, ex-Art of Parties).  All three members have been friends for a long time and have played together at different times in the past.

“We’ve all known each other since high school,” says Choi.  “We’ve worked together on different things before, so making a new band together seemed like a natural thing to do.”

Since they’ve only been playing together since early November, Mojo Sound Project System will be showcasing new material and also jamming on some tracks from The Plastic Day and Apollo 18 during their Shake Shop set.

“The idea to make Shake Shop our first show came to me while I was hanging out with Eshe one night,” says Choi.  “We’re all good friends with Eshe and have collaborated with her on different things in the past.  So I thought this would be a good way to start our new band.”

Shake Shop Vol. 10 takes place on Friday, November 29 at Club Freebird. The show starts at 8:30 pm and the cover charge is 15,000 won with one free drink. Eshe and Navah will perform alongside Hollow Jan, My Way Killing, and Mojo Project Sound System. For more information, check out the show’s Facebook event page here.

Here are the set times for tonight’s show:

My Way Killing 8:30 – 9:15
Navah 9:15 – 9:45
Hollow Jan 9:45 – 22:30
Mojo Project Sound System 22:30 – 23:00

Shake Shop Poster

Franz Ferdinand Make Their Korean Return on November 28 at Uniqlo-AX


Franz Ferdinand will be making their long-awaited return to Korea this month when they play at Seoul’s Uniqlo-AX concert hall on Thursday, November 28.

Franz Ferdinand

The popular Scottish rock act first rose to prominence with their excellent 2004 eponymous debut.  The album spawned five singles and helped the band capture the 2004 Mercury Prize, and the Best Group and Best British Rock Act at the 2005 Brit Awards.  The disc was also included on Pitchfork’s “The Top 200 Albums of the 2000s” list and in The Guardian’s “1000 Albums to Hear before You Die” feature.  The quartet showcased the infectious, punchy post-punk anthems from their first album and 2005’s equally praised “You Could Have It So Much Better” when they appeared as a headliner in 2006 at Korea’s inaugural Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival.  Here’s some live footage from that gig:

This past summer, the group issued their fourth full-length, “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.”  NME gave the disc an 8/10 ranking and said the album “might be their best ever.”  November has the band playing throughout Australia and Asia in support of their latest offering, which means more than seven years after playing at Pentaport, Franz Ferdinand will finally be performing in Korea again.  Here’s “Right Action,” the lead single from “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.”

Franz Ferdinand play at Uniqlo-AX (near Gwangnaru Station) on Thursday, November 28. The show starts at 8 pm and tickets cost from 88,000 won. Advanced tickets can be purchased in English here and in Korean here.

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Franz Ferdinand Poster


2013 Korea/Japan Punk Festival at Prism Nov 16

Historically Korea and Japan have gotten along about as well as vinegar and baking soda. That can’t be said for the punk scenes of the two countries, which have been best of friends as far back as anyone can remember.
Poster for the 2013 Korea Japan Punk Festival
The longest-running bilateral punk collaboration would have to be the Korea/Japan Punk Festival, first held nine years ago on June 26, 2003 in legendary Hongdae punk club Skunk Hell, with nine of Korea’s best punk bands and seven bands from Japan. The following year, it was held in Anti-Knock in Tokyo.

Since then, it has been held almost every year, with the Korean shows moving to Club Spot after Skunk Hell’s closure. This year the festival is moving to the much larger and better-lit Prism Hall over by Hotel the Designers for its fifth time being held in Korea (ninth overall).

koreajapanoifest2004This year’s show brings a diverse selection of 17 great Korean bands, both young and old, together with five Japanese bands. One highlight should be the Discocks, a legendary Japanese band formed in 1992 that directly inspired the infamous Korean band Couch and Seoul’s pogo-punk scene of the mid-2000s. We’ll also get to see the Erections and 00squad, both who played the Japan/Korea Punk Festival last year. We’ll also get to see Osaka pogo band Beer Belly (who are promoted for this show as Bearbelly) and the Foolishness.

koreajapanpunkfest2011Some of the Korean highlights will be Korea/Japan Festival veterans Rux, Skasucks, and Daejeon’s Burning Hepburn, as well as  talented newcomers the Veggers and Dead Buttons, and new bands with veteran Korean punks 100 Blossom Club (with members of Spiky Brats, Cockrasher, Dirty Small Town, and the Patients) and Heimlich County Gun Club (featuring Paul Brickly, former guitarist of Rux and Suck Stuff).

Previously, the festival was known under the name Korea/Japan Oi! Fest, then Korea/Japan Oi/Punk Fest. The festival was first organised in Korea by Won Jonghee (lead vocalist of Rux and manager of Skunk Hell and Skunk Label) and Shin Hyeon-beom (Couch vocalist/guitarist). This year’s festival is being managed by Ryu Jin-seok (lead vocalist of Skasucks).
koreajapanpunkfest2012The Korea/Japan Punk Fests always make for great shows, as all the bands and their supporters always put on a big show for their Japanese guests, and the Japanese bands in turn always put on great performances. International friendships are made and the wheels are set in motion for future Korea/Japan punk collaborations, and you’ll never hear as much English spoken at a Korean punk show, as everyone falls to the common language for communication.

This show starts early at 2 pm because there are more than 20 bands to get to, but expect things to move fast as the bands whip through shortened versions of their sets to make time for everyone else.

Click here to  RSVP or find out how to book tickets in advance.