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Zandari Festa 2017 – Five Questions with Browsing Collection

The sixth annual Zandari Festa will be taking place in Hongdae from September 29 – October 1 with 140 international and domestic acts. To spotlight some of the event’s performers, Korea Gig Guide is asking a bunch of acts five simple questions.

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For this installment, we’re talking with Carolina Karlsson (drums), Mimi Brander (vocals, guitar), Moa Lenngren (guitar, vocals) and Nora Lenngren (bass, vocals) of  Swedish rock act Browsing Collection. Their Zandari Festa showcase will happen on Friday, September 29 from 8 pm – 9 pm at Club FF. Now, let’s get to their answers!

Why are you excited to be performing at Zandari Festa 2017?
Moa: First and foremost, we are very excited to get out of Europe and play for a completely new audience! We’ve never been to Asia before and look forward to showing you guys our music.

Mimi: Yeah, who doesn’t want to play in South Korea? It will be amazing!Nora: We’re also very curious about getting to know the people and what they are listening to. We hope they are more into hard rock music than Swedes are!

What can people expect from a Browsing Collection live show?

Mimi: It would be quite exciting for you to come and see us without having any expectations. So expect nothing!

Carolina: Except some super awesome energy, head banging and heavy riffs.

Moa: And we also like to kind of improvise and go bananas! So, you actually never know what you’ll get from a Browsing Collection show.

Nora: That’s correct. Like that time we played so loud the whole speaker system collapsed, or the time my bass frequency shattered the glasses in the bar.

Moa: Or when I shook my head so hard I lost control and fell all the way back into the drum set.

Mimi: So as I said, don’t have any expectations!

For fest-goers not familiar with Browsing Collection yet, what should they know about you?
Carolina: We’ve played together since we were little kids, and we do everything by ourselves! Like recording and producing our own music, filming and editing our own music videos, arrange photo shoots and design our own merchandise. Besides that we put a lot of effort in writing meaningful lyrics about making the world a better place.

Mimi: We also have a great sense of humor!

Moa: Yeah, you should see when we have our annual ‘Browsing taco night’.

Aside from performing, what else would you like to do during Zandari Festa 2017?

Nora: We’d like to check out other bands of course, get inspired by different cultures, meet new people and get new valuable contacts.

Mimi: Hopefully we’ll eat some nice Korean food, too!

Moa: And I can’t wait for the beer as well!

If Browsing Collection was a cocktail, what would it be and why?

Mimi: It would probably be more like a shot of Fireball! Fast, hot and will make you lose your mind!