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Jambinai and Mono: Post-Rock blasts into Platform 61

It’s dark, grungy, soaring post-rock fun! Korea’s Jambinai and Japan’s Mono will be teaming up for a big show on Jan. 21 at Platform 61, the new creative venue that recently opening in Chang-dong, Dobong-gu.


Both groups have enjoyed very strong reviews and ratings for their most recent releases from a whole bunch of music websites, like Allmusic (Jambinai and Mono). So having these two hot groups together on one bill should be a lot of fun.

Ssako, Jambinai’s manager, wrote to the KGG to say that he was concerned the online ticketing could be tricky for non-Korean speakers hoping to check out the show, so he is suggesting an alternative.

Just email hivcore@daum.net, and leave your name and the number of tickets you want. Then on the day of the show, you can pick up your tickets at the Platform 61 box office for the same price as the advanced sales, just 66,000 won (at the door, they will be 77,000 won). You can pay by cash or credit card.

Platform 61 is located close to Changdong Station, on subway line No. 4, in northeast Seoul.

To get a sense of the noisy glory that is Mono, here is the music video for their “Requiem for Hell”:

And Jambinai’s “They Keep the Silence”:

Mono Make Their Long-Awaited Korean Return

This Sunday (August 26), Tokyo’s Mono will play their first Korean gig in five years at Sangsang Madang in Seoul. Widely recognized as one of the top post-rock bands in the world, the quartet previously performed in South Korea in 2006 and 2007.

“We’ve been wanting to return to Seoul for some time,” shares guitarist Takaakira “Taka” Goto. “We tried to get over a couple of times before, but there were scheduling conflicts.”

“Since we didn’t get the chance to visit during the release of our previous album, ‘Hymn to the Immortal Wind,’ we’re excited to share songs from our new album, ‘For My Parents’ with our fans in Korea. One of my best friends once told me, ‘Music is like a bridge where people can meet and share.’ We hope we can share and connect with those who come to see us.”

“For My Parents” is Mono’s sixth full-length. It will be officially released in South Korea on September 4 through Seoul imprint Pastel Music. But those attending the Mono show on August 26 will have the opportunity to buy the album several days early.

Written in 2010 and 2011, Mono recorded “For My Parents” in New York with producer Henry Hirsch this past February. “For My Parents” is Mono’s first album since 2002’s “One Step More and You Die” not to be done with by famed underground rock producer Steve Albini.

“Even though Steve Albini has been so amazing to us over the years, we thought it was important to try something unfamiliar and challenging even if it was risky,” explains Goto. “We read about Henry Hirsch and were interested in working with him. His studio is a converted church so it has a very special, spiritual atmosphere. We used analog tape and an old vintage mixer so it made the sounds really soulful.”

Mono’s rightfully praised back catalogue is filled with epic instrumental compositions that shift from gorgeous cinematic soundscapes to awesome cacophonies of distorted, soaring guitars. The group were backed by an orchestra on “Hymn to the Immortal Wind,” and that disc’s tracks were some of the strongest that Mono have ever created. On “For My Parents” Mono were joined in the studio by The Wordless Music Orchestra, which previously backed the band on their “2010 Holy Ground: NYC Live With The Wordless Music Orchestra” album.

This is the music video for “Legend,” the opening number from “For My Parents.”

“For this new album, I just tried to think less and feel more. I trusted that the songs would come naturally if I focused on what I wanted, instead of what we should do. The album is different because it was inspired by different emotions. A lot of change happened since ‘Hymn to the Immortal Wind.’ There have been miracles, tragedy, growth, and loss and I think with each album we’re getting closer to whatever it is that we’re trying to say without words.”

The act toured heavily in support of “Hymn to the Immortal Wind,” and Goto feels that they are a better band because of it. They’ll promote “For My Parents” in a similar fashion, and after their current string of Asian dates, they’ll spend September, October, and November gigging throughout North America and Europe.

“We traveled around the world non-stop and met many wonderful people who have touched our lives. This record would not have been possible if we didn’t experience all of those people and places. We now have a clearer vision as a band, but we’ll always have an open mind and heart because you never know how inspiration will spark. It’s one continuous journey, one learning experience, and I hope it makes us stronger as humans and musicians.”

Mono play on Sunday night at Sangsang Madang in Hongdae. The show will start at 8 pm. Tickets are 44,000 won in advance and 50,000 won at the door. Advance tickets can be bought in Korean here. To order advance tickets in English, email luna@pastelmusic.com.