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Zandari Festa 2017 – Five Questions with The Twistettes

The sixth annual Zandari Festa will be taking place in Hongdae from September 29 – October 1 with 140 international and domestic acts. To spotlight some of the event’s performers, Korea Gig Guide is asking a bunch of acts five simple questions.

xTszaH4bicFor this installment, we’re talking with Jo D’arc, singer and bassist of The Twistettes from the UK. They play on October 1 GoGos2 at 6:30 pm. Now let’s get to her answers!

Why are you excited to be performing at Zandari Festa 2017?

We are very excited to be performing at Zandari Festa 2017! It’s a part of the world we’ve always been interested to visit. We can’t wait to experience the music scene there. We were really impressed by Korean acts like The Wasted Johnny’s and 57 when they performed in Scotland recently. It will be great to see some more. We’re looking forward to meeting  Korean people as well. Seoul sounds like a fun city and we’ve been reliably informed that Koreans know how to party which is good for us!

What can people expect from a The Twistettes live show?

We’re loud yet melodic with crunching distortion and attitude fueled lyrics. We love playing live and the energy it creates between us and the audience. Be prepared to be whipped into a punk-fueled frenzy!

For fest-goers not familiar with The Twistettes yet, what should they know about you?

The Twistettes are alternative, punk, riot grrrl, and real-deal indie with a touch of psychobilly. We are sisters and have been playing together since we were young, so we have a great musical and personal bond. We released our first album Jilt the Jive in 2016 and have since been enjoying touring the UK. We will be releasing our second album in 2018.

Aside from performing, what else would you like to do during Zandari Festa 2017?

As I said, we are really looking forward to meeting the local people and hearing the other acts at the festival as well as experiencing the nightlife! We’d also like to do some exploring, eat new foods and of course drink some soju! We are only there for five days and are hopefully going to spend a night in Busan as well, so lots to fit in!

If The Twistettes was a cocktail, what would it be and why?

Maybe a Long Island ice tea cause its fun but also very strong. We like fun and strong drinks!